AAPES teaches the internationally acclaimed S.P.E.A.R system of self defence. 

Developed by Tony Blauer, the SPEAR system teaches you to take advantage of natural and instinctive reactions to violence and danger, to keep you safe in threatening situations. 

AAPES self-defence classes are not based on martial arts; the ability to perform self defence lies inside your head, not by learning how to be Bruce Lee.


“More people have successfully defended themselves through sheer indignation and will power then ever have through traditional self defence techniques.”

Tony Blauer

Students will work through the “three D’s”: Detect, Defuse and Defend to develop the best awareness skills and early warning systems, the best negotiation tactics and the best physical self defence training covering every possible scenario they are ever likely to face.

SPEAR is not based on a traditional ‘sports model’ where balance, distance and tools are agreed upon. It is based on a ‘street model’ that takes into account fear, reflexive flinches and emotions as mitigating influences during high stress confrontations. It incorporates psychological, emotional and bio-mechanical truths to form a synergistic, realistic, protective system.

The SPEAR system is the best self-defence system, because it is natural. We want you better after your first class, not after 30 years of training.


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