JP has been a traceur for 11 years, and teaches parkour, strength and self-defence classes at the Botany gym. JP has developed the trademark AAPES curriculum and has been instrumental in developing the best athletes and best instructors Australia has to offer.

JP’s trademark move is falling off things, and his favourite movies are ‘the Raid’ and “Psycho Goreman” he thinks the whole world should watch them and they should win every award




sponsored athlete


Dom Tomato is one of the world’s most famous parkour athletes. Full-time traceur, and AAPES sponsored athlete, Dom has attended and been in the finals of every Red Bull Art of Motion event since 2014. 

When Dom’s not beasting up the world, you can find him training and occasionally teaching in Sydney and AAPES Botany




An internationally recognised athlete, Known for his serious flow, Heesoo came second place in the 2016 Parkour&Freerunning challenge at Singapore’s annual LCG event. 

When he’s not flowing around the gym, Heesoo takes awesome photographs of Sydney’s best landmarks and landscapes. 




sponsored athlete

AAPES’ youngest sponsored athlete, Clyde has travelled Australia and the world in pursuit of the biggest jumps. 

Rarely seen without a smile on his face, and known for his signature dash vaults and smooth lines, Clyde teaches freerunning and parkour classes at Botany!



Sam became AAPES’ youngest ever instructor at just 13 years old. 

Sam’s most proud of teaching himself double corks, and still lives in deep shame that he cannot win against JP in COD.

Sam teaches weekend classes at our Botany gym.  



Will started at AAPES as a student in the very first “first timers” class ever held at AAPES Tempe!

Our friendly neighbourhood ginger, Will loves training parkour because of the self empowerment and self confidence that can be gained whilst having fun and growing as a person.  

Will’s signature move is the “finger guns”.

Will  teaches at our Botany gym.


Eleni "Allan" Harris


Allan is the newest member of the AAPES team, she is our front desk and office manager!

Eleni is passionate about creating a safe, inclusive environment for everyone, weirdly passionate about keeping the gym clean and is studying to become an English teacher… If she can handle us so well the kids don’t stand a chance

“Just because you can’t see the dirt does not mean there is none” Eleni Harris 2021


Lil' Zac Feghali


Lil’ Zac has been with AAPES since he was 8 years old… He ain’t so Lil’ anymore!

Zac has competed in Parkour and Freerunning events from Australia to Singapore and has developed a reputation as one of the strongest, fastest, most talented young athletes in Australia!

Penny Szentkuti

Women's Development

Penny has been an admirer of parkour since her children began training over three years ago at AAPES Tempe. She is keen to see more women and girl get involved in the sport (maybe even herself!) and as someone who has always championed women’s rights, she is thrilled to join the team as AAPES’ inaugural Women’s Development Officer. Penny is a teacher and a librarian with experience in special education and ethics. She will collaborate with the AAPES team and our female parkour athletes to create a welcoming, supportive environment for girls and women at AAPES.



Bad Nick has trained with AAPES since the very beginning. Bad Nick got his name by being the biggest whinger JP had ever met. Nick works hard, has grown and matured, and since outgrown his nickname, but refuses to let anyone call him anything else. 

Nick is an accomplished freerunner and traceur, with an  exceptionally confident and safe skill base for someone so young.

You can find Bad Nick at our Botany gym!



Pradeep joined AAPES 4 years ago, and after overcoming a freak knee injury has worked hard on rehabbing, and now boasts beasts plyos.

Pradeep is passionate about helping others achieve their parkour goals, and nothing makes him happier than when one of his students accomplish something they were scared of doing.

Pradeep teaches kids and adults at both our Botany gym. 



The last remaining fan of Avril Lavigne, Kenneth has been training parkour for so long he doesn’t even remember when he started. 

Kenneth’s favourite thing about being an instructor is watching his student’s thrive and grow, and then claiming their accomplishments as his own. 

His signature move is screaming “KNEES” from across the room when he sees people climb with their knees – underneath the sarcastic humour, he really does care.

Lil Kenno teaches kids and adults at our Botany.



“Is it a cat? Is it a lanky beanstalk? ¿Porque no los dos?”

Tyrone began training at AAPES only a year and a half ago and with his disciplined nature and always with a smile on his face, his cat-dashes have become legendary.

Tyrone says, “the most rewarding thing about being an AAPES instructor is the look on a student’s face when they achieve a jump I helped them break.'”

Tyrone teaches kids and adults at  our Botany gym.

Antony Smith


It’s tall! It’s loud! It’s Antony! Antony has been doing parkour since the 2008 and been an instructor all over NSW since 2009. Always making puns and pushing everyone hard he is one of the most frequently seen faces at AAPES. Antony says, “i love seeing people realise that they are so much more capable than they realise and can do things they never thought they could.” Antony teaches kids and adults at our Botany Gym


Are you passionate about parkour? 

Are you passionate about helping people become the best they can be? 

Have you always dreamed of donning the green shirt and being a part of the best parkour community in Australia? 

Contact us to find out more on how to become an AAPES instructor.

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