Way back in 2012, in a small unit garage in Sydney’s inner west, what would soon be AAPES was born. Since those humble beginnings, AAPES has grown to become Australia’s biggest and best parkour and freerunning gym, with two dedicated warehouses in Botany (NSW) and Helensvale (QLD)  

Our parkour, freerunning, self-defence and strength classes are taught by some of Australia’s top traceurs and most dedicated athletes. 

Parkour is the fastest growing, and most visually impressive activities on the planet, and ANYONE can do it! 

Try one of our parkour classes today to see how we can help empower you, and help you get fit and reach your goals through our community of passionate individuals.


Whether you’re a first-time jumper, a fitness addict, looking to get fit, or just wanting to try something new, we invite you to come try parkour! 

Parkour is closer to a discipline than a sport, and trains your mind as well as your body. Despite what you’ve seen on the news, parkour is not as “extreme” or “reckless” as you may believe. Anyone can try it, and everyone can benefit from it. 

Come try out a first-timers class, and you’ll see why our gyms are Australia’s biggest and best. 

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