Developed in France from military obstacle training, Parkour is a training discipline that entails getting from A to B in the most efficient way possible. Parkour involves using your environment, vaulting, swinging, traversing, jumping, climbing and running over all obstacles. One of the most impressive sports in the world, Parkour has overtaken the other “extreme” sports of tricking/skating to become one of the most popular up-and-coming sports of today. 

AAPES has world-class instructors to teach you how natural parkour movements are, and how learning parkour can help you face your fears and overcome physical and mental obstacles. 

Parkour is unique because it uses every muscle in the body, and you will quickly develop leg strength and upper body strength like you’ve never had before, all while having fun; we promise you’ll never feel like you’re “working out”. 

It doesn’t matter what your current fitness or activity level is – you will learn all the drills and progressions to get you moving confidently, and safely – we’ll never push you to do something you’re not yet ready to do. 

AAPES classes work on a 6 week cycle, alternating between different parkour techniques (e.g. vaults, floorwork, jumps) to ensure every technique and skill is covered. 

As well as the technique cycles, each week AAPES runs a ‘theme’ week, and instructors tailor their classes to that theme. This is a totally unique way of teaching, and ensures that every class with every instructor is fun and different, even if you’re covering the same technical material.

Our classes are regularly highlighted in our instagram stories – so definitely check it out if you’re interested in seeing what goes on in an AAPES class!



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