Our first timers classes are designed to teach you all the basics you need to get you started in parkour! 

We hear from a lot of people that parkour is “not for them” or they’ll try it out when they “get a bit fitter”, but these are common misconceptions about what parkour truly is about. We’ve designed our first timers classes to teach you all the basics and demonstrate that parkour is for everyone, and will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

In this 2 hour class you will learn the philosophy of parkour, and all of the fundamentals to vaulting, jumping, and running up walls as well as key techniques to keep you safe!

You’ll confront fears, learn to overcome those fears and do amazing things that you didn’t think was possible, all while having so much fun you don’t even realise you’re “working out”!

Our first timer classes are the only classes where we mix adults and kids. 

We recommend that if you’ve never done parkour before that you take the first timers class first so you learn what AAPES is about, and learn the fundamentals that will form the foundation of your future classes. 

Our first timer classes run every weekend, just choose your ideal location and book in below!





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